Killer Instinct® only offers bows with precision aluminum barrels. Our extruded, CNC refined aluminum-alloy flight barrel provides smooth, accurate arrow flight that withstands the test of time. 


Our 'CML' process utilizes high pressure to bond thousands of woven ribbons ‘Uni-Directionally’ for unmatched strength and durability.  Not all compression molding is the same, and our proprietary CML process is monitored closely for superior resilience, consistency and accurate performance.  


Our standard KI Trigger is proven Deadly Performance. The all-metal design utilizes RTT™ Reliable Trigger Technology and provides a respectably smooth and crisp < 3.5-LB pull.  Integrated Anti-Dry Fire prevents dry firing the crossbow when unloaded.


 TriggerTech Precise Trigger Control

Killer Instinct® offers an industry-leading TriggerTech™ zero creep, frictionless trigger system on select models.  The patent-pending frictionless 2-LB TriggerTech™ is the most accurate trigger on any crossbow.  Features a Silent-Slide Safety and SureSafe™ Anti-Dry Fire System.  We now also offer TriggerTech™ as an upgrade for current and past KI™ crossbow models.


FRT™ Frictionless Release Technology  
TriggerTech FRT™ is a patent pending free-floating roller that sits between the latch and sear. The roller eliminates sliding friction that causes creep and heavy pull weights. Once the correct pull weight is reached, FRT increases your accuracy by providing an instant crisp release – like breaking a glass rod. There is no creep. The release weight and characteristic is consistent, allowing the shooter to have Precise Trigger Control. 

TriggerTech™ Sure Safe™
Sure Safe™ is one of the safest and most convenient anti-dry fire (ADF) units in a trigger. Without an arrow, it cannot be fired. Many other ADF designs permanently disengage if an arrow is placed in. The Sure Safe™ is fool proof – without an arrow, the sear is blocked no matter what position the safety is in. With many other ADF designs, you can fire into a string-stop, but then you have to re-cock the bow. With the Sure Safe™ there is no re-cocking, you simply can’t fire without an arrow.

TriggerTech™ Precise Trigger Control
TriggerTech is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality triggers. They specialize in the only Frictionless Release Technology (FRT) that enables their triggers to have zero creep with a premium rifle-like release. TriggerTech guarantees quality, satisfaction and increased accuracy with every shot. For more information on TriggerTech, call (888) 795-1485 or visit



KI CCS™ (Compact Collapsible Stock)
Inspired by performance standards demanded by military and firearm enthusiasts, Killer Instinct® introduces a lightweight, ambidextrous and highly comfortable buttstock system.  Fully adjustable, the CCS™ allows custom fit for any hunter to improve reaction time and accuracy. Mil-Spec buffer tube with five-position adjustment and solid, friction fit for noise-free performance.


Hogue® legendary quality comes standard on select KI™ models.  Durable, comfortable and secure AR-15 grip. Features a cobblestone finish, beavertail and dual palm swells for ease of handling and comfort in all situations.



Ounce-for-ounce, Killer Instinct® DEADENING™ offers the most efficient shock and vibration dampening available with proprietary, engineered visco-elastic materials.