Mitch Flowers, 201" Ohio Giant Named "Hoo-Daddy"

February 20, 2018

Mitch Flowers, 201" Ohio Giant Named "Hoo-Daddy"

Every year my goal is to drop the hammer on a mature Ohio whitetail. The long process begins in late spring, with intense scouting, until I pin point a mature buck to target heading into Fall. In 2016, early season, I had my eye on two bucks that would score well into the 160’s. Until the night of October 16,2016, when my planning immediately changed.


Flipping through trail camera photos that night, the biggest deer I had ever seen was staring at me on my computer screen. Instantaneously and without a doubt, I knew this was going to be my target buck the remainder of season. A true giant was lurking nearby and I was determined to not settle for anything less. No matter how challenging the pursuit.


I have grown up hunting with a compound bow, elevated in a tree stand. However, this buck I nicknamed ‘Hoo-Daddy’ was living in an area with extremely thick underbrush. So, I felt my best chance would be from a ground blind, with a crossbow. Crossbow hunting would be new to me, and after a few evenings of research, I knew what I wanted. Something lightweight, fast, compact and extremely accurate to shoot through very small shooting lanes. The local outdoor store has a very quality bow department, so I decided to get their opinion as well.


After a few minutes chatting with a bow technician, he recommended I test shoot the Killer Instinct® Furious 370FRT. My first shot was at 20 yards and I hit exactly where I was aiming – I couldn’t believe how smooth it was. With my second shot, I ‘robin-hooded’ my first shot! I turned and looked at the bow technician and with a smirk on his face, he asked, “Any other questions?” I was instantly sold. I wasn’t leaving that store without a Killer Instinct in my truck to continue my quest for this true Ohio giant.


Days slipped by quickly, and after an unsuccessful month of hunting ‘Hoo-Daddy’, I was starting to become tempted from other very respectable mature deer. I remember on November 10th, I had two separate occasions with deer over 160” at 20 yards. This was tough to resist because I had very few pictures of ‘Hoo-Daddy’ who had essentially become a ghost. Nonetheless, I had my mind set on him, even if I would never see him, I was going to take my chances.


I started to second guess myself after passing several mature bucks and Ohio gun season was fast approaching. Even with the pressure, I knew I had to remain disciplined. On the 27th sit, there he was, 200+ inches of bone standing directly in front of me. With a 29-yard broadside shot, my dream became a reality. It was finally over and I couldn’t have been more thrilled! When pursuing your goals, you have to be patient and cannot settle – I had to hold out for the deer of a lifetime and the wait was well worth it.




Killer Instinct is Accurate, Deadly Performance. Add quality hunting equipment to go with your perseverance and you will have the best chance at reaching your goals. Trust the process and ‘Hunt Fearless’.

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