Killer Instinct® KI-Series of crossbows offers Deadly Performance™ without a killer price tag.

August 12, 2015

Killer Instinct®, an emerging leader in innovative, hunter driven crossbow design and accessories, highlights their new KI series of crossbows. Blazing fast and super light, Killer Instinct® offers two options with their KI365 and KI350 crossbows. The compact KI365 clocks in at an impressive 365 fps., yet weighs in at a light 6.4 lbs. Available in Mossy Oak Infinity camo, the KI365 looks and acts like a much more expensive crossbow. At an even lighter 6.2 lbs, the KI350 clocks in at 350 fps. Available in a black tactical paint scheme, this thing is all about getting the job done.


Each KI series crossbow comes with an illuminated reticle crystal glass scope, and a 3.0-pound trigger pull for precision. The ambidextrous Anti-Dry Fire safety, and Deadening String Suppressors create a smooth shooting, quiet platform for the included 20” Crossbolts. With a 3-Bolt quiver and side mount, rope cocker, and rail lube, the only thing missing from these Killer Instinct® crossbows are the hand carved notches in the stock that help keep track of the game count.



Speed-  KI365-365 fps. / KI350-350 fps.

Trigger Weight- 3.5 lbs

Safety- Ambidexterous with Anti-Dry Fire

Power Stroke- 14”

Draw Wt.- Ki365-175 lbs. / KI350-165 lbs.

Length- 34.5”

Width- 14.5” (18.5” un-cocked)

WT- KI365- 6.4 lbs. / KI350 6.2 lbs.

Camo- KI365 Mossy Oak Infinity / KI 350 Black Tactical

MSRP- KI365- 549.99 /  KI350- $449.99


About Killer Instinct® Crossbows:

Killer Instinct® Crossbows is a privately held company based in Frankenmuth, MI. Killer Instinct® is an undeniable strong will, confidence, spirit, and tenacity that never stops. It's the continual pursuit, even against all odds, and the strength to continue when others don't. Killer Instinct™ Crossbows was founded on this urge and desire. WE HUNT HARD and expect our equipment to perform at an even higher level. For more information about Killer Instinct™ Crossbows please call 810-626-3026 or visit


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